1. I had done this workout about 3 yrs ago and had exponentially lost weight…but latr on was all caught up in work and hv gained some weight back… Will again start with this video.. 🤩🤩🤩

  2. Easy to visually follow. It repeats after about 20 min and one section has no music. I told Alexa to play Zumba music which helped. Went to 28 minutes and wanted something different.

  3. Just done this in my bedroom never really danced but I had so much fun I have cerebral polcy so movement can be slow but enjoyed it k have carpit so I done it in my socks

  4. Nahhh I always follow the girl with the long black hair on every video she’s hard and she looks best wighl doing it and she’s the best it’s a realy good work out

  5. The front and the brunette behind her are from the Refitrev team and theycan't stop and say hey do this next. If you cant follow an instructor then don't do it. This is more like a dance workout than an exercise to repeat. If you can't keep up, do something slower. Even Tae bo go from one move to the next. Rather do exercise that is repetative than high intensity dance workouts.

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