1. Thank you! Great workout for me! Especially with all of the gyms and studios closed at present. Had to skip the side crows and wheels as I'm not back to 100% after shoulder surgery but I'll be back there soon if I practice classes like you are offering! Love the Zen location!

  2. This was good, a bit too repetitive, however I enjoyed it, you have a beautiful kind voice, a beautiful face and body and I am very thankful for you taking the time to do this for us. Namaste.

  3. OK!! I just finished this practice and it was tough tough tough. If you are looking for cardio through yoga this is it. CC builds serious heat in your body and you are super relaxed and you feel all clean inside after. I havent practice for a few weeks as I was fasting for little more than a month and now that im no longer fasting she brought me back into that relaxed awareness that i bask in from day to day. This is the first practice of CCs i have ever done so now i have 4 go to teachers CC, Gayatri, Travis Elliot and Heart Alchemy with Michelle Goldstein!! Thanks CC!!

  4. What a great cardio yoga practice. I’m 64 and was able to keep up even with doing modifications for handstands, as they are not part of my practice, also side crow is not part of my practice. For those I did forearm planks.

  5. Great stretches! I would love to be able to do the handstands but my balance or technique is still not good. Otherwise, I am pretty flexible and strong from regular exercising.

  6. This is actually a real YOGA class, thank you!!

    I hesitated to try this class because of the title (yoga for weight loss, to burn fat) since those classes rarely are the kind of yoga I fancy…
    But as I read the comments I decided to give it a go.. (and have liked your previous classes)

    This is definitely a yoga class, even ending with a nice savasana!
    It's filled with yoga movements and not the "yoga-fitness" style but actually using fun transitions and repeated fun sequences of yoga poses to build heat.
    Sweet! ☺️😍👏

  7. This was a great workout, surprised myself with the tripod for the first time. Still working on the side crow. I was wondering if you could do a miniseries on these. Namaste.

  8. That was great cc good job I watch Lesley video yesterday and you and her are awesome and I look forward to seeing more when a new yoga video come out

  9. I was sweating buckets! 😂😅
    Normally, I hate classes with repeating sequences…. but this was OK 😀
    It was interesting to notice the differences in each sequence. It builds stamina and really tests mental focus. In yoga we learn to breathe with discomfort and acknowledge negative thoughts („Oh no, not another one of these!“ 😅). So maybe this is exactly what I needed the most today. I am now calm and at peace ✌🏻 🙏🏻🙂

  10. This was the first practice I’ve tried from this channel. It was EXCELLENT.
    Heart pumping, sweat dripping. It was moderately challenging and accessible!

    At first I wished there were breathing cues, but after getting into the flow, I found I liked that there weren’t any and I could focus on my breath naturally.

    Great job, and thank you! This was a lot of fun 😁❤️

  11. I have no words either… I’m exhausted… can’t speak 😂. I’m still a novice so no handstands yet or side crow or leaping back to chaturunga… but that definitely kept me moving! And I love a tripod headstand… (cos I can finally do it away from a wall!!). 🙏🙏🙏😘🙏🙏

  12. OMG!! I could only do half of this. But, I will do the rest tonite! I love love this! It's so challenging and amazing! Your practice is pushing me to dig deeper. Thank you. I love your style of yoga!

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