1. I am on day 5 of this yoga routine (never done any form of yoga before in my life) and I’m starting to find that halfway through I get really lightheaded and sick feeling. Anyone got any tips on how to stop that?

  2. Really love this, sometimes get confused about when you should inhale and exhale though. Want to learn a routine in my head so I can do it anywhere, mountain top, at the beach on a sup

  3. Hello.. new subscriber here.. it got my interest to try yoga for the first time, I find it interesting… i just wanna ask where to start and what's the preparation… is it the meditation or to this basic yoga exercise…

  4. This is nice just wanting to stretch my body wanted to get into yoga after having a colostamy bag reverse. I 've been thinking about yoga all the time I had the bag attached. Been 14 weeks since opp, I felt safe, controlled and great time to loosen and get fit and balanced. Thank you, I will continue. 😂💖

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