1. YOU ARE THE MAN !!!! LOVE YOUR WORK…true inspiration. I finally reached 6% body fat and I am all natural and healthy! …I even opened a YouTube channel to follow my progress! Regards from Tel Aviv 😎

  2. I'm 63 going on 64 I'm told I don't look my age .but can I still get sixpack at my age I am a type two diabetic but don't take any medications for that or insulin.or any type drugs .

  3. I really like your Channel videos. and after I’m doing these exercises I really felt difference my body start getting in kind of good shape. Simple and effective exercises. Thank you

  4. Hey Mark …..I'm zeroing in on 66, retired for 5 years, have osteoarthritis, carpel tunnel syndrome, polyneuropathy in my feet. No diabetes, 260# sluggish. and yes I am quite active but don't go to a gym.I really don't think that any of your programs will show significant improvement in my shape (round is a shape). I have a challenge: use me as a guinea pig, provide me with starting materials and if after following your instruction there is significant improvement, I will stand on any street  corner of your choice and  loudly endorse your programs. If no improvement. I'll return whatever materials and say nothing negative at any time. I'll keep a calendar and videos if you like. Every ad and video I have seen features young people in great shape already. Nobody is sluggish or overweight. Those little clips in the middle are entirely faked. I'm quite serious. Return me to my former self. or a new self. Bill Hamilton

  5. Mark take off your shirt you have a great body display display it. in the public you'll turn heads and say I want to be like him. I would say your product will even sell better yet.

  6. Abs after 66 is even easier! Retired-you can spend 18 1/2 hours each day on your work-out. Ok, Sunday you can veg and only do 12 hours.

  7. But no mention whether it's a daily routine…? I know some workouts that specifically say that you have to have a day of rest in between to allow muscles to grow.

  8. OK, W's got rockin' abs, no doubt. But I caution anyone–especially if you have lower back issues–to AVOID the knee pull-in exercise, beginning at 4:15. Note that your back is biomechanically UNSUPPORTED in this exercise. I damaged my L4/L5 from in, but am on the mend.

  9. Wow ! U r my hero, this is my first video of you, I'm amaze u have a great body, even though I'm a woman I'm going to follow your workouts and tips for a healthy body, thx! For sharing,

  10. I never had a six pack more of a keg! I'm 46 and willing to give it a try. Thanks for the inspiration!!! Any change in a positive direction will be a personal victory.

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