1. Never been "athletic" but was always lean. A desk job and sugary treats did a number on that, I came to realize my kids don't remember me looking slim. Frankly, I was starting to forget. Started yesterday with Workout 1 – felt wiped. Finished Workout 2 – got wrecked. Can't wait for Workout 3 to destroy me tomorrow. I'm getting my body back!

  2. from 1 to 2 the workout takes a leap in intensity. post double knee surgery, the lunges are still take a toll on my knee. Any alternate move option?

  3. Awesome! Any idea how many calories burned after doing this workout?
    Also..my knees make a sound ..like cracking up while doing squats and lunges as shown here

  4. There’s no way I’m doing this today. After workout 1 yesterday my thighs are so sore lmao. This one seems to be more lower body focused, I would actually die.

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