1. Hello sir… Sir what should we do if we start feeling slight pain in the spinal cord after doing any exercises? It's not much, very very mild, but I think I hurt it in some way…

  2. This modified knee push up is not right according to me because there is no core stability in it plus angle between the shoulder and the knees is too vertical and the entire weight acc to me is handled by shoulder and knees alone rather in original push ups the weight bearing is divided between shoulders, torso and knees i guess. I used step ups rather coz they take u closer to original push ups mechanics and slowly u will be able to learn to do original ones.

  3. The mechanics of doing a pushup on the knees is different than doing a regular pushup.
    The best way to learn doing a regular pushup is by mastering inclined pushups.
    You lost me when you said assisted pushups or knee pushups are called "female pushups". Sexist.

  4. sir during pushup I highly locked only elbow not down chest due to which my trisep tight and my body structure is bad and shoulder injured sir pls solve this problem

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