1. I have an injury in my feet . I cann't really do mountain climbers or the second exercise you did . Can you give me an alternative for those ?

  2. hi amy jo, you are totally awesome and inspire me every time to work out…I do have a question separately. I work out a good amount and woudl love to have arms like you espeically the definition around the triceps like yours. How do I get this please help?,…

  3. I want shaped tummy like you…I love your body and I love how you explain and do all exercises…I am a hard gainner..I had my arms,deltoid muscle..but still need to work harder for tummy, leg and glutes…I've been following you for the last 6 months and I always like watching you…thank you amy…:-)

  4. enjoy your videos. thank you for actually wearing clothes! I'm so sick of seeing women's breasts and bottoms hang out of their clothes. what's the point?

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