1. I have yet to master my 30kg vest. I'm currently stuck at 12kg. Gotta stick to it. Thanks for the video, it's motivating to see others train with one and looking ripped

  2. Nice video 😉 I am going to buy a similar weighted vest, but I am not sure if it is comfortable to do sprints or jumps. What do you think? Thanks 🙂

  3. This is so cool to see! We basically do the same workouts. I use my room as my gym as well, with gymnastic rings attached to my pull up bar on my door, i do dips, pull ups and pushups all with a 40Ib vest. Youve got me beat on the pullups tho! I can do 100 pushups with my vest but can only manage 25 reps with a 5×5 with the vest. Ima try for 50 on my monday workout! Motivated

  4. I thought I was doing well because I could do 10 pullups with a 20lb vest, but man you totally blew me out of the water with your 66lb vest! Thanks for the exercise ideas.

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