1. I find your classes very worthy of the time. I used to do them diligently until I had hurt my shoulder and wrists. Now that I am better , I have started practising every alternate day. Do u have any warm ups before we start the lessons, so as to help our shoulders and wrists whilst balancing, as most of your poses require very good hand strength!!

  2. Hello, have you considered this kind of diet plan called the Custokebon Secrets? My sister says it helps people lost a ton of weight. Is that possible? I also read many great review about this diet plan. Thoughts?

  3. Just ran across your feed and was so excited I found a good video to do while I am at training. I was able to get thru 16 minutes before my husband called and interrupted me. I plan to start again from the beginning in the morning and warm up to getting back into the practice. I so badly need the stretching!!!!!

  4. I do yoga 3 times a day. For morning I love the 20 minute routines to help me get energized for the day, and I love your sleep routine at night to help with great night sleeps. As for afternoon routines it's a little too much for me to do yoga for an hour, mainly because I've only been doing yoga for the first time for 2 weeks, but I do like doing 40 minutes of yoga routines. I usually do yoga in the afternoon just to help me keep stretched out and energized if I start feeling sleepy

  5. Hey Erica!!! I've been doing yoga since I was recently diagnosed with severe anxiety and severe depression along with PTSD. Ever since I started yoga I immediately chose your video classes and you have helped me greatly!!! Thank you so so very much!!!

  6. For Erica Vetra yoga sequences that are actually authorized by Erica, please visit https://ericavetrayoga.teachable.com/ where you can sign up to do all of her sequences, or pick and choose ones that fit what you're looking for. She is an amazing yoga teacher and deserves to have people use her REAL yoga site. thank you!

  7. My goal is to do an hour of yoga every day this summer, and I find yours challenging but doable. I do wish you'd add a little more variety and variations to make the difficult poses (hero, chair) even simpler. Oh, and for the past year I've mostly been wearing my hair in a messy bun.

  8. I'm definitely not here for the weight loss or to talk about long or short hair. However, this practice just released so much tension from my body, its incredible. I didn't even really notice how bad it was until I was done with this practice. I had a bit of headaches before and just felt super tense overall, now I'm smiling and feeling peaceful and released. Thank you so much for making these and greetings from germany! 🙂

  9. Hi Erica! First of all I wanna say you are a great instructor however in this 1 hour long video it would be more effectful with less talking in between the moves since you have giving good instructions already on the shorter versions of the yoga videos regarding how to think about the poses. So all in all if less talk this video would be around 45 min long & more productive. Now I couldn't finish this video since it was going way to slow with all talks, which is unfortunate since I really enjoy you as an instructor otherwise.

  10. I like the hour long videos. Ive done the 20/30 minute videos and they just weren't long enough…kept searching and found this video and one other you did. Thanks for making yours long enough, by the time this video is done I'm ready to quit lol. You are a very good instructor too, you don't go to fast, you speak clearly and I like how you explain why we should or shouldn't do things certain ways. I gave you a like and saved this video…keep them coming!! 😁😁🥵💪🏼👍🏼👩🏼

  11. You are by far the best yoga instructor!! It has been a while since I’ve gotten back into yoga and your explanation are so easy to understand. Poses that I’ve done before like downward dog is very basic but actually have started to put a lot of pressure on my wrists. I thought that’s how it is suppose to be until you said it wasn’t. Haha, thanks for that one. I struggled through this hour long workout but will keep coming back to it. Thank you!

  12. Definitely a sunny day person. Favorite color: pink 🙂 my mom is a big purple person too, so it's always been a favorite as well. Thanks for the awesome workout! My morning feels much more peaceful and restful than my typical mornings. I will be checking out your channel! I live near Houston, and I lived in Austin for about two years. I miss it a lot there!

  13. Hiiii Erica. I m 24 year old and hypothyroid patient. I gained my weight. Will it be effective to loose weight. And how long it can take. I have lost my confidence. Please reply to my comment

  14. I love this! The instruction was perfect, especially the breathing part, some instructor talk too much that they forget to tell the audience to breathe in and out (I'm always that hold my breathe till I can't because of that haha)
    Did anyone actually lose some weight from doing this?

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