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  3. so hw mny apples in day 1 n 2.. as mny as u want.? or thr is a limit..

    n milk.. hw mch.. its nt explained well in th video..
    also th pineapple or kiwi.? what quantity. ?

    plzz answer..

  4. I got weight loss green store tea one month ago and it already seems to be working exactly as advertised. In fact, so far I have absolutely nothing negative to say about it gave 6 lb. I recommend to visit Weight loss green store!!

  5. I'm on my first day with the green apples it's not that hard but I got 2 questions on 3rd and 4th day can I drink milk 1%?
    And the pineapple is so expensive in my country so can it be pinapple tray or w/e it is called, its like pineapple sliced in a thing.

  6. so what i was thinking is maybe doing all of these but only for 1 day, and then leave the next 3-4 or so days free so i can get other nutrients ( of course eating healthily and lots of good fibre :)) )

  7. Maybe u could I try this only doing 1 day of each instead of 2 so that it's not too bad thx though and also dDOES THIS REALLY WORK? Because I kinda doubt this but I'll try only 1 day of each thx

  8. dont follow this its really unheathy you cant just eat green apples for 2 days your body needs other nutrients. you also cant just drink skimmed milk for 2 days. really really unhealthy…. you might get skinny fast but you will have other problems that come with following this!!!! plz guys those weight the safe and healthy way

  9. stop making fun of people . bull shitt no one can lose 10 kg in one week . even if u don't eat at all and exercise 24/7 u won't make it . try to be more realistic .. the shortest period to lose 10 kg is at least between 2 to 3 months

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