1. What a wonderful walk we had today, so nice to see you! I really enjoyed it! As always you made me feel comfortable, positive about my abilities but no negative feelings about anything that required a bit more concentration and coordination.
    Shame my Rosie Dog seems determined to break my neck, appearing behind me from nowhere and 'woofing' at me as she's still not adjusted to indoor exercise at home lol.

  2. I do love your routines that don’t involve any equipment. I am at present suffering a lot of discomfort in a lot of my joints, it would be so easy to not do anything but I know I must keep moving to try and help myself. I do try and modify some of your routines that use equipment, some routines work better than others by taking out the equipment. I’m so grateful for all you do to keep me moving and flexible, and I will never give in even if some days are harder than others. Thank you Meredith. X❤️

  3. Thank you, Meredith. ❤️ This is my new favorite….love this walking workout! I have been exercising everyday since Jan 1st with you and I am down 14 pounds. You’re the best!

  4. Nice one Meredith, having to take it slow as had an injection in my wrist yesterday for my carpal tunnel and throbs a bit, so not moving it much, but legs are going ok, this is just the right amount of time I want to workout too thank you

  5. Another fun and effective cardio walk with marvellous Meredith 💜
    I wore ankle weights today but next time will also hold light dumbbells for the marching upper body exercises.
    Thank you again for another wonderful workout –Western Australia 💕

  6. Opted for chair version. Quick, easy…with modifications from your other seated workouts as well as a few Paul Eugene moves. Will revisit and do standing on good balance day. Thanks. 🙂

  7. Hi Meredith
    Thank you, another excellent workout which we will be doing regularly. Enjoyed the upper body exercises especially, great fun! Best wishes
    Angie and Ray from UK

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