1. All warmed up and ready to jump into the physical fitness test I have scheduled for the end of #FBFit2. Damn, I’m ready to set new PRs 💪😎 #FBFit2 Day 54 & #FBSweat Day 1 warmup complete! What’s about to follow will surely result in sore times afterwards 🔥 27.01.2020

  2. Heart beating fast, lungs working hard, sweat starting to pour and I’m all ready to jump into today’s workouts. I’m surely gonna have fun today 🔥💪 #FBFit2 Day 17 warmup complete! 17.07.19

  3. I wasn't so done after doing this a few weeks ago! Someone's been slacking off.. 🙊💦
    Going to do this routinely again! 🤗😅

  4. fitness blender is this excersice good to do daily if
    u are a beginner and want to workout for energy in the morning and also for loosing weight . would u guide me please ?

  5. Hy thank you for amazing videos 😀 ! May I ask, If I am a beginner should I start my morning with this warm up video or should I stretch before and then warm up ?

  6. just sat down a few moments ago after waking up and have a 32oz mug of water and 16 oz mug of coffee sitting next to me. started off drinking em slowly then said to myself quietly, "Kelli's in the house !" Got up n did this quick lil workout and I feel awesome with this energy boost. i need to make stronger coffee. i feel better doing this workout than drinking coffee ! lol I'll be back to do more of yer excercises throughout the day. Have a great wknd

  7. Hyy! Fitness Blender your videos Are AWESOME. Specially the cardio videos. But the only execerices I can't do because I accelly dont understand it, and my back hurts.. Is dead lifts.. I dont feel anything just my back 🙁

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