1. This was so absolutely awesome and way easier than I imagined in my head. I guess I just underestimated myself to thinking I won’t be able to keep up it’s this workout with the sore legs that I had but look at me now, I’m all finished after pushing had and with full form (except those jumping lunges cause my legs walked out on me on them 💀) and I’m feeling super proud of myself for doing this workout as well after the 35 full body strength workout I’ve done. I feel awesomeee 👏🎊 #FBSweat Day 8 Extra Challenge complete! 04.02.2020

  2. Must be so awkward filming in such a white room and the only noise you hear is your heartbeat, shoes, beeping and talking of only her

  3. Today for me is about taking into account the small accomplishments and three of them being that I held that plank continuously through the last two rounds, the second is that I pushed myself harder than ever when doing this workout and the third is that I’ve accomplished those two after pushing myself harder than ever during the tough strength workout of #FBSweat Day 8! Now I definitely feel like a badass! 💪 #workoutcomplete 18.10.19

  4. I do the 16/8 intermittent fasting, so in the morning I decide to do this workout
    I comeback in 1 month and tell my results
    I can't wait lol

  5. Damn this was such a fun burnout for the upper body workout I previously did. I am sweaty and now feeling fully accomplished. Woah, I’m awesome 💪 #FBSweat Day 8 Extra Challenge complete! 18.02.19

  6. Thanks for warning me that there's no warming or cooling. Why don't people include those crucial pieces so all of us can schedule our time more easily.

  7. I love your videos! Can you make some morning hiit routines? Something with not a lot of jumping and twisting, just something smooth for the morning?

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