1. This was my first time doing this and I'm sweating so much right now, I am hoping that over time I won't sweat as much. But thanks anyway, this video and the others that I have on my playlist will help me because I believe every word of what you say and I know that the workouts you teach me will finally get me in the body I have dreamed of

  2. I have a question and I’d thought I’d ask on here because I know some of you guys know your stuff. So I heard that doing cardio in the morning BEFORE you eat actually helps you lose weight faster, is this true? I kinda feel like it’s unhealthy and there’s no way I would have energy in the morning without some sort of food.

  3. hoping to lose as much weight as possible within a couple months and im gonna try to lose the weight by doing 2 sets of this once a day.

    starting weight and height is approx. 152.8 lbs / 69.3 kg , and about 5'7" / 170 cm.

    gonna keep this up to date as much as possible, if i forget about it, someone let me know and ill update it!

    edit: not gonna be doing anything specific for my diet, high protein, low fat, low calories.

  4. 1st(high knees, jump lung)2nd (mountain climbers, crab toe touch)3rd(push-up side plank, plank hip rolls) (×2REPS AND SETS) for 12-15min

  5. I m from india ….you r a gorgeous for gymnasium…daily i do this work out at evening time …..same as your time limit ….this is incredible work out…….. thanks very much v shred

  6. Going to do this…im 79kg. I will update the daily progress :
    Day 1 : done, little bit hard
    Day 2 :Easy but cant do it perfectly
    Day 3 : wow its now easier…

    I lost 1 kg in 3 days

    Day 4 :Rest
    Day 5 : cant do coz of office work
    Day 6 :

  7. Well i don't know if someone is gonna read this but i will start putting my progress everyday.
    I used to be really fit but got lazy somehow so and i've been a year and a half without working out.
    I'm gonna post my progress daily i'm doing this workout and doing some other stuff not to heavy just to get the habit of doing something.
    As of today i'm 71Kg and i'm 1,75m. I'm doing this routine twice a day in the morning and in the night
    Good luck everyone

    May 21: I got a Kg down and the workout now is pretty easy and I use it as a warm up

  8. Doing this 2-3 times a day I am 12 I will update every week I have already lost 6 pounds In 2 weeks before this I will actually update every week today is May 14 so on May 21st I will update and I already am eating pretty healthy if you want some healthy things to eat ask me cause I am 12 and love eating the foods. Wish me luck

  9. day 2 of workout out like crazy and eating healthier, 6’0ft, 17, male, started off weighing 165lb now i weigh 162lb only on day 2!! goal weight, 155

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