1. Okay, so I went for a walk/jog at 6:30. Came back at 7:15. Now I did yoga, stretches, and snatches for the same amount of time that Jordan has, and now we’re two sets into whatever it’s called where you raise the things above your head and you stretch your arms out to the sides with them as well.

    So I don’t have an ab wheel so I’m just doing planks for a minute for now until I can find an alternative. This was each time.

    I didn’t have that thing he did the limb up(?) things with, where he lifted his legs, so I did 10 sit ups instead. Each time.

  2. I’m watching this now, at 6 am, so I can follow what he does but with smaller amounts of weight and smaller reps. I want to get started on working out and getting fit because I’m fat af and it’s not helping anything especially with this damned quarantine.

    I also think it’s good that Jardon made this channel because he’s probably gonna inspire people to work out with him,

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