1. How long should I wait until I start the next part? For example, when I finish the first part, how long should I wait until I start the second part?

  2. Just completed a whole work out book for 9 months to be able to do one of your workouts completely…I was able to do parts 1,2,3! Excellent workout! And I love the mobility vifs.. U really make me think about technique… especially at an older age!

  3. This is a great workout, but you didn't include rest periods. It's very difficult to follow along. Maybe you could be more specific on your future videos.

  4. Great exercises and variety of uses of dumbells… But it would have been better if it was a follow ne workout.. Where we could just watch and follow you while u r doing them.

  5. Is there a better feeling than eating a pizza without a guilt knowing that it wouldn't mess up your fitness plans? *Next Level Diet*, thank you for everything!

  6. Really good video, but full workout routine. So I finish this, then what after? Can’t I split it into day 1 and 2 and rest day like normal gym days. I really really need help with this

  7. What is the demo with heavier weights? Do you do another round? For instance the first exercise is 3×12. Are you supposed to go heavy and do 3×12 again? Or just your last set go heavy?

  8. Great video man. Just two things, one, how is this supposed to take 15 mins? The video itself is 20 mins and you do only 5 reps 1 set each exercise. I've been following along and it's been an hour already. Two, I wish you could amplify your voice somehow cause I had trouble hearing you. Thanks a lot.

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