1. Thank you Leslie. I have been doing the 30minutes walk and the 3mile walk altogether on a daily basis. It feels easy and great. Now, I rarely use my home gym equipments that burn me out quickly in less than 30mins. The walks are effective.

  2. I do this exercise daily, so everyday i open this vedio. I love the color of your attire and also the shoes. And this ecercise are so simple but great. Thank u for this.❤

  3. We always do 30mins to 1hr walk at home exercise everyday. Its our 2nd month doing this. Its working we loose weight and at first you dont see any changes but when you continue doing it you will notice the changes and importance of working out. 😊😊😊 Thanks Leslie from Ph.❤❤❤

  4. I have been watching these videos for 5+ years. The dude in the back left has really got super fit! looking good lol! What a fabulous team!

  5. I am a British teacher in lockdown in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and discovered Leslie in March. I am also asthmatic which is exacerbated by exercise. However, Leslie's workouts were, as many people are saying, doable for me, although not so much in the beginning when I had to stop and use my inhaler during the workout. Over the duration of lockdown, this has happened less and less, and encouraged me to walk where we can (to the supermarket, 4km round trip) with more confidence. It has taken nine and a half weeks, but I have not used my inhaler once this week and am feeling better than I have felt for many years. I am 55 yrs old. Thank you Leslie for helping me to improve my health, hopefully ditch inhalers for good, and feel great!

  6. I'm a 65 year old grandma, and I walk these miles everyday with Leslie. Safe and fun. I can walk anytime, but my favorite time of day is early morning, but like Leslie said, anytime is a good time.

  7. I’m sorry but I find you very irritating, since you talk so much! I find you very full of yourself so I turn the volume off when I’m doing your video.

  8. Is others in the class besides Camilla and Carrie. This instructor is a great t spends too much time talking to people in her class. Stay focused on what you’re trying to achieve, giving the public a class to follow, not your social life. It’s very distracting

  9. Thank you leslie Sansone for such a simple but great way of workout. I feel like I was waiting all these days for this. I have herniated disc , becoz of which i am always worried to try any new workouts. Every time I try new, i used to get back pain. One of my friend recommended this video and its been an month by now, I started this fitness walking and Iam really doing great. I wont feel like patient any more. The way you train is awesome and also the team. Cheers to all (from India).. 🙂

  10. Thank you for the wonderful powerwalk…it works…and you are simply amazing….I have been doing this since the beginning of lockdown….and recommended to my friends too

  11. Thank you dear….its an amazing walk for a mother who cant afford to go out….i m doing it from starting period of lock down…i luv the way u motivate…thanks dear

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