1. Great workout!! My treadmill is being Utilized since being home and I actually want to get into running! Thank you Also the movie Brittany Runs A Marathon is inspiring – Grazie!!

  2. First jogging in my life today. And I made thru this video thank you Jesus and this video. I felt good afterwards. I went at my own pace I made thru. I will definitely work on getting good running sneakers.

  3. This is my second time and I must say that I did way better than day 1.. This is my go to video for 5 days of the week at home on my new treadmill….. Thanks a lot!

  4. I was watching this video on a treadmill I may look skinny but I'm not 😔😔😔 so I'm watching this while on a treadmill and yes I'm only 10 years old and people say I'm too young to worry about my weight but I don't care my mom bought a treadmill about 6 months ago for herself but she let me use it so yay😊

  5. I am like what u said I am a person who was doing exercise and lost a lot of weight and then that lasted a while till I stopped exercise all the time I ended up eating more less exercise and here I am after hysterectomy I have been trying to get into exercise and I now have a good cardio from step aerobics and weight lifting and I also jog but can’t do more the 30 minimum and I am a slow jogger. I want to do more because my lungs and heart can do it but my feet can’t. My ankles and knees are wonky now. Old injury’s and surgeries was what hurt me. So it keeps my weight higher then I want.
    I try to eat right but I guess I need to stop eating so much. I really need a good steady state cardio like this to lose some weight off my feet because I gained 40 pounds the past ten years and I am now wanting to lose 20 pounds and it hurts to have that weight on my knees. I really loved this workout. Sensible and doable and wasn’t dull.
    Can you all add mobility work as well? I do some yoga but I am not a yogi, I am flexible but not “mobile” if that makes sense. As I get older is can tell the mobility in my feet and back and shoulders are starting to stiffen and just my range is getting bad. Today I did a spin class for 30 minutes and this workout. It was fun. I do lift weights too

  6. This is my second day doing this work out… in the past I had worked up to running 5.5 miles and absolutely loved it. But it's been about 8 months since I've ran, so I'm having to start at the bottom. I have a great love for running and this video was my motivator to get back at it…it feels so good! Thank you so much for your time and effort to make this possible!

  7. I've been walking treadmill for about 2 months now consistently. Wanted to add some calorie burning so decided to add a little jogging. So glad I found your video…. no frills just an honest workout is what I found here. Fun, challenging. Also refreshing that you aren't in like marathon mode-I can hear your breathing, getting tired right along with me. I hope you make more videos.

  8. Tried this workout for the first time last night on my treadmill! I loved it.. I have been sedentary for 10+yrs and have tried on and off to lose weight for the past months.. I'm currently down 20lbs and my goal is to be able to keep up with you.. Maybe not at your speeds but close.. Last night I was able to do 2 sets and really enjoyed it.

  9. The title is deceptive. This is a jogging workout. Beginners wouldn't be able to do it and they wouldn't expect a jogging workout either.

  10. Omg!! Love this video and workout! Thank you so much! I just had my 2nd child 5 months ago and have always wanted to try starting jogging but had the hardest time finding a video that actually showed u how to start as a beginner and did it with u until now! Thanks again:)

  11. So my PE teacher always shouted at me for not running. After I left secondary school (5 years of her nagging me!!) I went to the doctors for a checkup and they was very worried about my feet. Got a referral to the hospital and turned out I had an inverted ankle. So my right ankle turns out instead of the normal way.

    Is there any brand of shoe that would help with running with this??

  12. Are you kidding? Your example at the beginning is horrible for people who aren’t used to exercising. I would think that it would discourage them. If you went slower you would encourage people who were not fit to exercise

  13. I could barely walk at 3.5. I followed this routine and can now run at 4.5 for a steady 30 minutes. It might not seem like a lot to some people but I could NEVER run before. It took me 6 weeks to work up to it. I’m an ex-smoker and was 40lbs overweight. I hope it encourages other to give it a try🏃‍♀️😁

  14. U don't need no perfect shoe.. treadmill is a good way to burn body fat. Try increase your speed for 30 seconds and then decrease and walk to recover. Repeat 10 times wear a tennis shoe or track shoe.

  15. >>>ur2.pl/915 Sturdy, compact, easy to put away and put down for use, handles to hold are in just the right position, emergency shut-off is comforting, display has distance, speed, calories burned and time – don't need anything else. Love it!

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