1. Great video Guys, did this for the first time today, had to drop the weight for some of the exercises, who would of thought it resistance bands, rear delt, Press Ups, archer pulls, and triceps extension burn’t like Hell. Keep them coming. Thanks. 💪

  2. Best bands video I've ever seen! Just shows how hard it is as even you guys get burned out. Love it. Thanks so much guys! ✌🏻

  3. Love the video and I might even try this when i get my bands in the mail….one thing however….youre trying to be Tony Horton so bad…idk what to tell you brotha im just sayin

  4. James, pls do more follow along video using bands. I followed this band workouts twice n both times i felt i had a fantastic whole body workout. Pls do more videos. Keep it up and thanks bro

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