1. Good video. Just got "the burden" leather kettlebell from Origin and know nothing about a kettlebell workout. Nice work in the explains for the movement. This will be a great help.

  2. Perfect for me at the moment mate Trying to re enlist in army after medical discharge. Gotta start from ground zero again thanks for help. Cheers

  3. Can you explain how much weight a person should use to start with and which exercises to start with to get going. I only have a 10 pound bell but I know there's so many workouts to try. Not sure where to start.

  4. I have worked out with KB's before but it's been a minute so I wanted to find a video to refresh and clarify solid beginner moves so I would not revert to the more advanced before I was ready. This video is perfect and thank you. I flirted with Pre-Diabetes a few years ago, whipped myself back into shape. Then recently, after years of abuse and flat out being lazy, I managed to get full blown. Yay me, ugh. But I am not worried. I dropped 3 full points in a month by eating what I should. Now to implement working out with Kettle's. Your video motivates me and will get me on the right path. I have lost almost two belt notches by eating alone. Now for the real progress. Thank you. I will be checking your channel out for guidance moving forward. Be safe in these crazy times. (For those of you who think you cannot get off meds and heal yourself, think again but act NOW…and tomorrow, the next day, the next day)

  5. Great content excellent workouts , kettle bell workouts much more difficult than the typical at the gym lifts because of utilizing all muscles
    I would like to see more leg , hip , glute exercises
    Anyway Happy Easter

  6. Great video my dude! My 5 year old son's name is Chandler also👍🏾 question : if you're doing this at home what side kettlebells should i have for an effective workout. I currently have 2 15pd and one 35pd kettlebell. What other sizes do you recommend?

  7. New at Kettlebell training. What weights are you using and how many reps, also do you alternate the exercise when it's a single arm exercise? Was watching your "Top 8 Kettlebell Exercises for Beginners" Thank You

  8. Any suggestions on the weight of the first kettlebell to purchase for strong adult male looking to use it for the exercises shown in this video. I was thinking 45lbs. Looking to incorporate the KB in place of doing cardio on a machine.

  9. I agree with other guy. More kettlebell videos! Im new to kettlebells also. Thanks for posting helpful videos.I dont know what state this is filmed in ,but I sure would enjoy riding my 72 flh on those quiet roads No cars!.

  10. Chandler I am a 59 almost 60 yr old that up until 8 yrs ago was running 8 miles a day and lifting in the 300s for squats, bench and deadlift. Two shoulder surgeries later plus arthritis in my neck and thumbs I can still lift dumbbells and kettle bells but my jogging days are quickly leaving me behind. What is the best combination I can do throughout the week to slim down/burn fat? Bob

  11. Just discovered your videos. This one is awesome. Gets straight down to business, avoiding long rambling intros. Will certainly be introducing this routine into my workouts and will let you know how I get on. Would be great to see a video on the best core strength exercises for beginners.

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