1. One Arm Dumbbell Row is right on specific form. Lifetime of lower lumbar strains kept me away from weights John. Started with lifting bottle of water and my lats are awakened. Your perfect example of direct straight lift is like magic. No lumbar pain six weeks into my Ironman training.

  2. I wasn't expecting much. Seems experts are often lousy at giving advise. But I learned something. Actually, several things. Keep it coming. And, you look excellent in that pose.

  3. @Criticalbench Thank you for posting video. Being 57 yrs old, 6 ft and 250 lbs, I decided on New years to start eating healthy. I've lost since New Years 55 lbs. in 4 months. Weight is down to 195 lbs. Need to lose about 15 more pounds. I'm waiting for gyms to open back up "C-19" because I need to add muscle mass now to define my shape. Since starting my healthy lifestyle, no longer on High Blood Pressure and Heart Disease meds. Had a few back surgeries over the years and now have 2 steel rods and 6 screws in the lower lumbar. Back pain decreased by about 50%. Thank you again for posting video's for us 50 yrs and older guys. Over the hill at 50 yrs old?? No way!!

  4. Yes will you build muscle look muscular but 50 & over don't you think endurance is more important in muscle,heart and lungs but get virtually nothing by these slow movements.
    I'm a former Olympic lifter but learned how endurance and speed training is better.

  5. At 47 i just finish 1y doing stronglifts 5 x 5 max out on all lifts bench, deadlift and squat at 300 pounds… main reason i am 300 pounds max plate at home.

    Honest as you get older its not the best training. I am taking a break my knee hurt my lower back too, my upper back took a beating. I am getting some prolotherapy to help with this.

    In september i am going to try something different the P90 program by beach body from what i saw all the moves in this video are in the program.

    Great video

  6. Great video, to the point with good explanation of how to and why. I saw a comment from a older person, who didn't agree lateral raises should be done for older folks, I'am 71, I advise him/her to lighten the weight.

  7. I'm 58, I had a quadruple bypass heart surgery 2005. I worked out for a lot of years before this, but since then I only work some light dumbells sometimes. I feel like the working out I did when I was young has kind of helped me in this fight. I have went to all doctors appointments all these years and taken all meds without fail. My chest where they cut me open still let's me know where I am. Do you have a workout you could list for me? Thanks.

  8. Like the no nonsense approach, but breaking down the movements to show alignment and identity the sensations that indicate the proper movements would help. In fact, I could use a five minute video on each one of these dumbbell exercises. Thanks!

  9. Excellent video for us over fifty guys. He jumps right in, demonstrates key moves and give some important pointers alongside each of the exercises. This video got me doing deadlifts, before this I thought they were dangerous for people over the age of 40 or so. Thanks to criticalbench and John Hansen.

  10. Just Sharing my Dumbbell home workout, in my 50's going to start weight training again after years of slacking off
    Day 1
    Shoulder Press
    Bent Over Rowing
    Upright Rows
    Side Laterals
    Shoulder Shrugs
    Standing Ab Exercises

    Day 2
    Bench Press
    Dumbbell Flyes
    Bicep Curls
    Dumbbell Triceps
    Standing Ab Exercises

  11. Nice video , I am soon to be 82 years old , learned the benefits of weight training when I was a overweight 14 year old and turned myself into a 16 year old very fit teen .In all these years the only thing that prevented me from training was illness , and my fitness level helped me to rebound from my illness . Weigh training is the best medicine in the world , just saying . You look great .

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