1. Thx for sharing,,, i only have tires of my care to work with,,, this vid is insightful though!! We need to be in real life handling real weight!!

  2. “I just saw the weirdest guy at the gym. He was hitting himself in the nuts as hard as he could with a kettle, then he picked up a barbell and walked off with it.”

  3. I was wondering why my core was so strong, then I saw the suitcase carry. THAT'S ME! That's me carrying my girlfriend's purse. I'm ahead of the curve

  4. It's a joke man, the guy joking said the exercise will put hair on your chest and my response was " I already have too much on mine.". Lighten up.

  5. Hi man. Great video. Any chance you could explain your form on the kettle bell swing please? I know that it's easy to do the swing in such a way that you lose a lot of the abs focus, could you please talk is through your motion?

    Thanks. Ignore the armchair experts on here, you're doing good stuff.

  6. You're not doing the roll out properly though. You can destroy your lower back like this. Try the hollow position instead.

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