1. I know I’m the fattest but I will still update here
    And I will do it for 2 weeks
    I hope the results would be left 55 and right 54🤭
    Left: 58cm Right: 57cm
    Day 1:✅
    Left : Right:

  2. Let me really give this comment. I know some of you guys are laying on the bed and eating shit. But my comment is for those who really want to try this..
    Well see I am very heavy and I tried this workout for total one week and for 2 times a day. ovoisly I did other workouts but this one is only for my thighs and leg.
    (And lost 2 cm from my thighs)
    Ik it's very little bit.. But the workout does really work. Instead of lying in bed get up do this.

  3. Let me give it a try..
    I'll do it twice a day
    Left: 21. 5inches
    Right:21.5 inches
    Day 1: ✅ I really felt the burn in my thighs which I have never felt doing other thigh workouts

  4. I’ll do this for 1 month! I’m going to update everyday, but plese remind me, bc i have a tendency to forget.
    Right: 45.2cm
    Left: 45.8cm
    Day 1: ✅

  5. ok, i'll be doing this workout for a week, no special diet just i'll drink a lot of water and green tea
    left thigh: 53 cm
    right thigh: 53 cm
    weight/height: 56/165
    day one: ✔
    day two:
    day three:
    day four:
    day five:
    day six:
    day seven:

    pls remind me i'm so lazy lol 🍓

  6. I've been doing this daily 1-2 times for more than 2 weeks now and I think this exercise is very beginner friendly, even though I'm a newbie to workout but this one doesn't get to the point where my legs are gonna explode like others I've tried, so it kinda helps keeping me motivated to do it again the next day.
    Today I did this after doing emi's 15 min hiit and honestly I thought this one was gonna feel easier but hell it really felt like hell this exercise has never been this! hard!
    so👉👈that's my experience, to anyone else doing exercises, stay strong! We are all stronger than we think, and we can certainly pull this off✨you are doing great! keep it going💪💜

  7. I tried this workout and I lost 4.5cm in 2weeks only. I’m really happy to see the difference. Enjoy and have a good day 🙂

  8. Her ikiside = 58cm
    Day 1=✅🍭
    Day 2=
    Day 3=
    Day 4=
    Day 5=
    Day 6=
    Day 7=
    Day 8=
    Day 9=
    Day 10=
    Day 11=
    Day 12=
    Day 13=
    Day 14=
    Day 15=
    Day 16=
    Day 17=
    Day 18=
    Day 19=
    Day 20=
    Day 21=
    Day 22=
    Day 23=
    Day 24=
    Day 25=
    Day 26=
    Day 27=
    Day 28=
    Day 29=
    Day 30=

  9. I finished my 7th day yesterday. I checked my measurements and I lose about 1 cm each thigh. It was 53 cm (L) and 53.5 (R) now it 52 and 52.5 cm. It's not much different I guess, some of the exercise I been doing it before too but not religiously. I guess I need to lose weight a bit too if I want to make a drastic difference but food is life 😂.

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