1. I LOVE this new arms toning vid! Have been using the other arms vid, the Tabata one where you're wearing bright green (I actually know a lot of your wardrobe by now – sorry, creepy!) but this one pushed me more I feel and the side flares have definetely helped tone my arms a lot. Still working on the triceps area which is being stubborn but the cellulite is visibly less visible! Yay! I think I have thanked you on every video since Week 1 day 1 but I will continue to thank you! If you were to charge for a workout program count me in! xxx

  2. I am currently dong the 12week & added this on Tuesday and Thursdays~~added your lower abs Wed & Fridays and upper Abs on Sunday. I am in Phase2 Week 5 day 2…

  3. This is one of the first arm workouts I love! Arms are my weakness and that's why I don't like arm workouts. Definitely going to do this again and play some with upping my weights. Do you recommend to use one weight for the whole video or depending on the exercise?

  4. This workout was again another fabulous one Heather!!! The non-stop was a great change of presentation, and surely added to the intensity. I just loved it! Keep them coming and keeping us going thru this healthy! Most greatful

  5. Hello I'm new subscriber from Tunisia I started the 12-week program 3 weeks ago and it is AWSOME it was absolutely the workout I've been looking for a long time (I was working with Jilian videos but it doesn't work for me) but with you, I'm losing my belly (which is my biggest problem especially I'm not over-weight). So thank you and keep motivating us and I was asking if it's possible to give us some workout to do during the period and more of abs workout pleeease it would be so nice. Love you xoxox

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