1. Hi Schellea I just wanted to let you know this video changed my workout routine for the better! I was exercising everyday and could never tone my arms which drove me crazy … but since finding your videos and following your suggestions I have been seeing and feeling results – so now I feel more confident wearing sleeveless tops! Thank you again for your great website I really am enjoying the information and love your genuine personality which is very refreshing!!!

  2. I do not mean to be critical and I do not know how long you have been doing these exercises, but your arms do not seem to be very toned, you still have flabby arms. I want exercises that I know will give me results.

  3. So happy I found you Schellea. A bright spot in the situation we find ourselves in now. I look forward to exercising with you every day and will continue to do so when life returns to "normal". Thanks for all you do. You are so bright and wonderful. You bring so much of your energy and passion to every video and it shows.

  4. Thank you so much! Finally a workout that “we” can do! I usually give up because they are too tough!
    You are genius! Always on point with our abilities and appearance.!

  5. Started today , using water 2l bottles & canned food tins until I can get some weights .Can feel my muscles working , tried arm exercises at gym but none felt as though I was using my muscles as these do .Thank you .

  6. would be nice, if possible, to do another video, we can just follow each day? without listening to the whole explanation each time. Thank you 🙂

  7. Hi I come across your video I love listening to you when I watch people's videos it giving me motivation to carry on what I'm doing and I love it ,and at the same time I admire at how still beautiful you are 😅

  8. Hi Schellea! I have just discovered your You Tube videos and what to say a very big THANK YOU!!! In all the topics I have watched so far, you are very informative, the exercises are achievable, the tutorials on make up for example are very clear. …but, by far, the thing I take most from you is your positivity! Thank you so very much for making my day!

  9. Protein. Gotta consume protein.

    And visualization. Gotta visualize yourself tight, tone and sexy. NEVER bash yourself.

  10. Uhm…muscle is not 'replaced ' with fat. Muscle fibers become smaller and if not exercising and not reducing calories, one gains fat cells.

  11. Hi. I love, how positive you are about getting older, it happens, but its the way you deal with it and you are beautiful and motivated and you give me such hope that I can achieve my own ideals, thank you so much, just keep on doing what you're doing, xxx

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