1. Hey I'm Kayla and I started doing different work outs but am having a hard time doing them every day I already lost about 10 pounds but I need some motivation So for every 1 like = how many days im going to do it for and every comment is= me doing it 2 times a day help me y'all lmao

  2. hi, im on my 9th day, and if anyones interested i can leave updates… (im leaving a comment to force myself to not give up lol) any positive feedback would be great! (˶′◡‵˶)

  3. Hi! I’m trying to glow up during quarantine! I’m doing this every other day for a month! I’m also eating clean and running! I also did some Chloe Ting😂

    Before measurements: they were both about 19 inches. My goal is 15. I think. By the way I’m 13 so if this sounds small it is not big, it’s not small either tho. I’m just trying to get rid of the flab😂

    Day one: did it burned a lot more in my but tho. Had a me ya breakdown tho😂 I also ran 1.4 miles👍
    Day 2: ran 1.4 miles. Got my time down to 9:15! No abs tho
    Day 3: ran 1.4 miles time is down to 8:53! Also did the workout. My legs look more bulky? Maybe that’s just what I’m thinking but I haven’t measured. Waiting for the end of week one for that

  4. I came here after a long time although I didn't do it cus I wasn't determined enough. Gonna start it tomorrow from MAY THE 1ST. let's see how it goes. Ill update every week.

  5. M gonna do this workout for 4 weeks
    Support me guys!
    Day 1 : 😑this sucks
    Day 2: 😑I can't do this
    Day 3: 😑trying to motivate myself
    This workout is extreme

  6. All of these xhit workouts are great during quarantine while the track and weight room are closed 🙁 I totally recommend this one and the 10 minute abs. The interval training really helps keep you motivated!

  7. Doing this for two weeks now on and off. My husband this morning 'your thighs look slimmer' 😀
    UPDATE: almost three weeks in and I can notice quite a difference. My thighs are definitely slimmer not quite there yet as toned as I would like them to be but I've lost weight around them! I'm sure if I keep going they will be. Note: I've done this almost every day only sometimes leaving a 1 day break here and there if I needed to, as I'm also working on my abs.

  8. This is my second summer doing this ! It is very good and effective and it goes quick!
    I recommend ankle weights when you advance , or putting the vid on a slower speed

  9. Hi guys ,
    In this quarantine time I thought to do something productive for myself…so at the end of this quarantine time my body thanks me for that…I started doing this workout 3 days before…so I thought to update you all …. I'm planning to continue this for next 3-4 weeks …. well:
    Day 1: it was pretty much tiring … but idk like others my thighs didn't pain at all
    Day 2: yess my thighs were paining this time and ya I was more tired than day 1…
    Day 3: I was having 0 motivation initially but I pushed myself up from my bed and to all my wonder this time I wasn't feeling that much of tired like yesterday ..lol

  10. Am I doing it wrong if I feel the last exercises in the upper glute more? I have issues with keeping my back straight and not arched in this kinda stuff so idk maybe that’s the issue

  11. This is the only workout without weights that burns my legs to ashes. I am going to do it for the quarantine month 4 times a week 2times but I am also using an elastic band. I will actually update you guys at the end of the month and I mean it cause that's kinda what I do for a living #physicaleducationstudent

  12. Guys it's working!!!!!
    Day 1..I didnt find much difference
    Day 2..had very badd muscle cramps nd didnt find much difference
    Day 3..bad muscle cramps but yessss I saw some changes..yes its working .
    I'll hopefully do it for one month 👍

  13. So this is my new challenge during this quarantine . I’ve completed
    Day 1 ✅
    Day 2 ✅
    Day 3 ✅
    Day 4 ✅
    Day 5 ❌ well i got my period today and i’m experiencing painful cramps so hopefully tomorrow i will continue …
    Day 6 ✅
    i will keep updating. 😃
    Guys i’m noticing a little bit difference in my thighs .. less bulkier for sure

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