1. I actually began pursuing this specific eating guideline “Kοnοnοz yyd” (Google it). I can at this time rest Six to eight hrs each night, that’s true. I love the point that I have dropped Two lbs within the initial week. You simply need to stick to the guide and also you’ll get rid of fat belly. Marvelous plan! .

  2. But your pretty. You could be a model. It’s easy for you to love and like yourself when u have something nice to look at. But I’m not nice to look at. I’m not pretty. Not even close. I avoid mirrors cause it hurts to much to look at them. Sorry to be a Debbie downer. It just seems impossible.

  3. My fav is apples like that’s all I would eat apples and it was terrible everyday back from high school I would eat like 5 apples and it’s very bad but ether since I have been watching ur lose fat vids it has changed me and now……… ima sub to u!

  4. You know what… I’m 12 years old. I’m too young for this… I’ll be back to do some fasting in a few years. So if you’re my age please don’t do this unless you are super overweight, otherwise just stick to some workouts and eat healthy! Love you all!!

  5. Today morning i woke up and looked at the mirror and i thought that i looked really fat and decided that i should search for a losing weight video and start doing it and start water fasting without eating anything for a week and when i finished exercising i looked at myself again in the mirror and thought that also my shouders are really fat and searched for a video about how to narrow my shoulders and i found urs u posted it since 2017 i did it and everytime i wanted to give up and stop u would say "come on keep going don't give up" so i didn't and when i finished it i viewed ur acc and saw this video and it really changed my mind i think u are right i should eat I'm not actually fat I'm 54 and I'm only 12 thanks a lot i wish had u as a big sister😘

  6. I'm currently starving I can't eat I just get fatter my friend says that I'm so much heavier than her and she brags about being skinny I hate my life

  7. I lost 20kg in 7 months. I looked like a skeleton, because I ate like 400 calories. All that time I was counting calories. After that I began to eat more and more but I still counted. All the time I was eating healthy. The problem is that I don't have period since may. Please tell how you get yours back.

  8. I can relate but I wasn't skinny at the beginning. I tried everything and nothing worked.
    I am trying really but I never seem to lose weight and today in class someone in class called me ugly so it made me feel ugly and fat. I really wish I didn't indulge but I can't help it….
    I'm trying to be better but I need help to feel better about myself…
    Please help me

  9. Hey Gabby. I think I really messed my stomach up in summer 2019. Somedays i didn't eat anything and most of the days i only ate something for dinner. And now i get bloated everyday

  10. i have problems to lose Wight too i try to do a lot of workout and eat heathly but its hard to have result so i try after to starving in eating 0ne times in a day or eat nothing at all just because im 5ft4 and my Weight is 138lbs i think is fat but i like to eat but not sometime i punish me and tell me to not eat and i dont eat and try to drink more water like that i will not be hungry anymore

  11. If I do intermittent fasting then I will end up having dinner at like 3pm coz I always eat breakfast at 9:30 ish And then my parents will think I’m skipping meals coz the only meal we have at the same time is dinner and that’s when my family could see how much everyone’s eating and if it’s healthy. Uno looking out for us. So if they see I’m not getting dinner and eating with them they will think I’m skipping all mealssss :((

  12. I just lost it all last summer. I ate only like 200-300 calories a day for one week. I wanted to do that for a few months but my parents stopped me. (I’m 13 years old) I was tired, dizzy and I felt sick all the time. And I exercised on top of that. It wasn’t right, I know. But I still want to lose weight.

  13. Can someone help me, because Idk what to do in my position anymore🙄 the point is that I always say I wanna eat healthy and do workouts but I can't I just don't get the motivation and don't have the power to do it! I'm really struggling with myself and my body, sometimes I say I won't eat anything anymore but even that I don't get it

  14. I will be honest forcing myself not to eat i eat only breakfast which is a sandwhich and on 12:30 a piece of bread then on 4:00 dinner (dinner is only the amount that fits in small plate or less) then 8:00 a fruit and then I exercise 3-4 times a day since im overweight and one week so far today i lost a kg and im proud although im getting really hungry but im encourging myself not to eat if i wanna lose weight I dont reccomend this i might try to eat less food and drink more water

  15. I think I'm fat and I always restrict how much I eat but never what I eat. For example, here is what I eat in a day:

    Breakfast: none

    Lunch:1/4 a cup of vegetable soup=123 calories
    Cup of water:0 calories
    Carrots 1 cup= 52 calories

    Dinner(sometimes none):

    Banana= 115 calories
    Cup of lettuce with 1/8 a tea spoon of dressing= 95 calories
    Total=395 this is enough right? I'm still fat I weigh 130 pounds and I'm 5'4

  16. I know I’m at a healthy weight.
    I know I could be eating a little healthier, but it won’t take long to get there.
    Please help me remember this.

  17. starving makes you get a slow metabolism, which makes you gain weight fast, i suggest dieting a protein diet and doing hiit workouts for 15 bbys <3

  18. Thanks Fabriellah for the this video , really it is very hard to lose weight especially belly fat , more harder when one is at the age of 40 and above, the only thing that i want to try is this one diet plan for a month , it has amazing reviews , if anyone wants to join me can mail me mrsg4888 at yah dot com it is one month challenge plan, which is well crafted,step by step and we don’t have to starve ourselves.

  19. I am depressed I had a girl I was in love with and she broke my heart and low-key ruined me I was so healthy before her and then i got so distracted I am trying to get better but i keep bringing and eating so many carbs and junk because it helps my emotions and I try to eat healthy it's like i black out and then just eat so unhealthy. I don't know what to do I'm gaining so much weight. HELP ME

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