1. This was amazing, so many great moves! I loved especially the second and third circuits. In the 4th circuit I modified the moves and added push ups to the mapmakers and burpees. Great wo and thank you for returning and filming the bonus. I burnt in the circuits 625 cal and with the bonus 750! Didn't have time to do your long stretching, so I did something shorter.

  2. This was absolutely amazing. I had many favourites here..squat with overhead twist,chair sit and kickass burpees,squat to jump lunges,snatches to reverse lunge,runner's stomp and swings to goblet squat to name a few.Loved the bonus circuit and cool down stretches so much.Thank you so much Michele for this great workout. Have a wonderful day.Hope u have a great time with ur mom!!

  3. Thanks for another great sweaty workout! I enjoyed it so much, my legs are already sore. The 3rd and 4th circuit were the hardest for me, maybe because I was already getting tired or maybe because of the weighted vest or all of the above.

  4. Glad to see your new upload Michele, and you are so sweet, you re-film it , OH dear, …thank you so much! A bad thing is I still can't do lower body this week, I need more rest ..but I searched your old videos for core workouts ( I can just do some low impact no jump moves ) ..then I plan to try your lower body next week ; but maybe only one round, then full reps you designed .. lately, I only can do silent upper body ( I accidentally love seated strength upper body LOL) ..but I 'm happy I'm not crazy doing upper body like before, I 'm so happy you and my fitness friends Anna, Kanch ana, Silvia, Aruba, keep motivated me ..:)) You have a nice day!

  5. Hi.. i m doing your workout for sometime now. It's really good.. nowadays I only have an hour to do workout and preferably advance one .. so what you will suggest ?? Which one I should do n what order ??

  6. Opps, you did it again! You made me almost die :)) Circuits 3 and 4 were my favorite and all was really brutal. I loved all the moves, especially in the last two circuits, there were some crazy lower body moves. And my arms were close to numb after the first two circuits…well, great full body burn! Thanks a lot!

  7. Yesss!!! Looks like a challenging one as always Michele 💪💪 with a lot of my favourite moves. Those runners stomps with jump lunges will surely be a KILLER move 😉 Thank you for another awesome workout workout Michele 😘

  8. Hello Michele! Oh I can't wait to do this workout! I think I though I will do this on Saturday instead of Wednesday! I did your previous workout on Saturday and I felt I had so much more energy without thinking about taking kids to school when done! I will make sure my legs, thighs, and glutes will be well rested! And how exciting your mother will visit you for 4 weeks! It will be a great Thanksgiving holiday! Thanks so much again Michele! I can't wait to do this workout! 😊

  9. here it is, my new favorite workout 🙂 i have just checked it out, oh my… it will make my day tomorrow! great moves as always. i think after this i will need a rest day!

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