1. It helps when you naturally have big legs as a frame to start with. Not discrediting him because I’m about to follow this routine, but I’d like to see how his legs looked when he first started working out seriously.

  2. I love following your workouts! I'm a beginner but I definitely see results when I use your workouts in The gym!! They are never boring thats for sure

  3. Legs are no joke it is suqper benifical for ur mental health it will man u up even tho the hormone elevation is temporary, it takes super balls to squat it will help u alot in sports too, i didnt use to train hard enough on legs and also skipped alot i was a p…. i go for heavy i dont have many option so i just have a bar and enough wieghts to squat during lockdown and i go super heavy it i shakes my whole system up leg day so painfull dont look for other ways there no shortcut and u cant avoid squating all the mr olampias out there huge respect i cant imagine what they go through

  4. I improvised on this instructions during lockdown and it is fucking effective af. Always love your instructions bro detailed and simple. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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