1. Thank you for the advice, im going to implement this to my workout.I'm over 35 , and fit ,but my legs a butt have dwindled down. my wife makes fun saying it's never leg day .I don't do squats because my balance sucks and I have a hard time getting low, your workout seem like a good alternative…. keep making great content.

  2. I've always had skinny leg's but recently I've started doing the 30 day squat challenge with 45 pound dumbbell's and I can see that my leg's are getting bigger and stronger. I do lunge's, calve raises, and kettlebell swing's too but I think I'll start incorporating that sumo squat you just had in the video too. Good video bruh! 👍🏾

  3. Damn I LOVE your attitude!! I just got back from the gym and hearing you speak made me want to go back! Lol definitely happy to find your channel and definitely going to be trying this ! Thanks !

  4. Absolutely revolutionary stuff mate. Where did you learn this? You've taken a bunch of exercises and placed them in your own sequence. Surely this must work. I've tried everything else to no avail.

  5. Your videos have been helping so much!!! You’re the go-to no bullsh*t best workout advice I’ve been able to find on my quest to improve my lifestyle. Thanks a ton man! And keep up the great work!

  6. She’s leaning wayyyy to far forward on those Bulgarian split squats…she cute tho, slap her twice in that booty for me; 1 for you 1 for me 😜

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