1. Hey Guys! We are so happy to see so many of you enjoying all the fitness/yoga challenges we've posted on our channel. Your stories of success and dedication, and each of your individual journeys fill us with so much inspiration when we make new videos. So thank you all so much and keep em coming!

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    Good luck everyone! XO

    Juliana & Mark <3❤️☮️

  2. Hello! I am so in love with the 'Boho Beautiful' videos and have followed them on and off for a couple years now. I've gone down in stamina again but I would like to start up exercising. Do you think this challenge would be ok for me? I have been advised that it is too much to start with and that to work the same muscles over and over again for days in a row can injure me, especially as a beginner. I'd hate for that to happen. I await someones reply.. Kindest Regards, Tonia.

  3. Six pack in 14 days! Though my "clean diet" is not very clean, this workouts still kick ! I really eat from fries to chocolate to burgers and still got in shape <3 You rock girl <3

  4. Wow thank you so much! This wasn't easy for me, but I did it!! & also honestly enjoyed it. I did have to stop 2ce to catch my breath & get some water, but that's a good thing b/c it means I'm challenging myself & I'm proud of myself for that! Also i love the super pretty transition you did with the colors & geometric shapes- very cool.

  5. I want to keep myself accountable so I'm posting this comment.

    I'm starting this today along with a healthier diet and I will update results after a week! We'll see how this goes! 😬

  6. Have been doing this for almost two weeks now and even though I had to take a 2 day pause cause of travels, I can definitely feel the difference at the day 11! At the beginning I had to take so many breaks between the different exercises but now I can make through this video in one go (though there are some moves I still can't do properly like lung jumps and burpees hahah terrible) but it's such a nice change to realize you don't have to take so many pauses anymore!! Definitely will continue to the very end and maybe start this again from the beginning after that!!

  7. I'm 5'9" and I weigh 80 kgs I want to loose weight so I'm going to try the various challenges that this channel has to offer, I will also try to change my diet so wish me Luck!!! (So gonna need it)
    Today is Day 1

    All Edits are under here :

    Now on Day 2 : I took alot of breaks 5 I think because I'd be completely out of breath and the yoga was amazing, thank you

    Day 3: feeling so relaxed after yoga again, I took fewer water breaks and my stamina is increasing.

    Day 4: I almost didnot do this today, but I did and I am feeling so thankful that I did, alhamdolilah!

    Day 5: pushing through it! Today I took three breaks, once after the second lunge jumps, once after the plank burpies and once after the plank jumping jacks., so Yaay!

    Day 6: So as I was getting up this morning , I groaned inwardly thinking oh god I dont think I'm going to exercise today, then I remembered it was a rest and yin yoga day, so…yaaaayyy!!!
    Amazing relaxing yin yoga!!! Just did it!

    Day 7: I guess its because I'm so over weight , I found that after a 1 day hiatus , it was difficult to get going but I did and I took 3 breaks, and the yoga was challenging but I felt so relaxed after it.

    Progress after 1 week: I feel my body starting to get toned, my stomach and thighs are definitely shrinking and I notice my arms are loosing the bat wings. I haven't weighed myself, I will do that at the end of this challenge, also I'm trying to shift to a more vegetarian diet and healthy diet.

    DAY 8:
    Just finished the workout and I did the entire thing with about 6 breaks, ( and my breaks were very small guys about 10 to 30 secs)
    The 2nd week workout is so good and ahhh….loved the hip opening yoga.
    Anyway today I tried on a pair of trousers from two years ago and it fitted very well, I didnt have to stuff myself in it, but sadly I didnot eat clean, today I had a packet of crisps and chocolate cake 😯

    DAY 9: I did it!!!
    And all I want to say is
    "Thank you Juliana for this awesome workout"

    DAY 10 : So after I finished the first part of the challenge,…….sadly something happened to my mobile,….the screen stopped responding….😮? And I could not complete day 10…..😡 and check in here…😕

    DAY 11: I'm feeling so thankful that my mobile got fixed on time and I did day 11, I've to say my splits are at a 90 degree angle…….I wanted to do the part 2 of the challenge twice cuz I missed yesterday but I was exhausted,…. 😥

    Day 12😊 Rest d

    Day 13 : just finished totally exhausted , my phones key pad is o u t of whack will detail when I get it fixed😔🙇

    DAY 14: I'd just like to say thàt the 2nd week is super hard yesterday, I think at the end of pt . 2 , I was dead but the Elephant flow yoga was so helpful , and I do fall behind sometimes I miss a few reps specially towards the end but now I'm doing this entire workout pt.1 and pt 2 with only 2 breaks, so my stamina is growing, so 😆😉😃😁😊.

    My phone's screen cracked and I couldn't type in anyway I finished the challenge on my husband's phone and than I waited till I got a new one so I couldn't type in 😅 anyway I've lost about 4 kgs that's about 10 pounds, and I got a waist, my stomach is almost flat, I have a thigh gap and toned arms instead of bat wings.
    This is an amazing challenge 🙌
    Thank you Juliana and Mark
    You guys are just wonderful

  8. I have done this challenge a couple of times with breaks and the results were amazing but I noticed crackling sound from my knees with a pang of pain.Would love to do again but don't know what to do about the knee pain😕

  9. I’m so grateful for your informative workout and nutrition videos I downloaded the thrive market app and I’m so excited to grocery shop through the website. Thank you forever BohoBeautiful!

  10. Hi, i really like your challenge videos♥ And I have a question about this video. Can I change the day 5 routine and day 6 routine? I wonder if it is bad for my body.

  11. This video is superb besides that you gave the whole 21 day challenge in that discription box with links 😍😍
    That’s so sweet n considerable….
    I am starting this today… hope this works on me 🤞🏽

  12. Hello Boho Beautiful! Thank you , it's my 3rd challenge with you (just attack the second week..My god), and my body is right there I wanted to be <3 Such a pleasure to join you each morning before going to work. You're my best coach ever!
    Merci beaucoup from Paris

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