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  5. The squat advice about keeping the weight more on your heels is very bad, especially for beginners. This is not a well-balanced position. Your balance should be keeping the weight and focus on the middle of your foot. If you are rocking back on your heels, you increase the chance of losing balance tenfold. Maybe not enough to make you fall, but it could be enough to throw you out of alignment and injure your knees or back.

    Having your knees track slightly over your toes will not injure your knees as long as you have the weight over the middle of your foot. If you are shifting the weight forward of your mid-foot, and your toes are far over your knees then you are likely to get a knee injury.

  6. So as a beginner i want to start these workouts. Lets say 3 or 4 alternate days working out each week (resting each other day). What combination would experienced lifters recommend on each day OR is he saying do the 7 exercises each workout? Sorry for noob question.

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