1. 10 is too big a number to put « only » before it.
    As for the best exercises to bulk up, those 5 ( and their respective variations ) should do the trick for most people: squats, deadlifts, bench press, pull ups, chin ups. And as someone else said, lifting heavy, or progressively heavier, is paramount for sustained results

  2. 10. Chest supported dumbbell rows
    9. Pull-ups
    8. Chin-ups
    7. Dumbbell single-arm row
    6. Barbell squats
    5. Shoulder presses
    4. Barbell bench-presses
    3. Barbell row
    2. Deadlift
    1. Power cleans

  3. Beginner must learn how to properly do squat, deadlight, powerclean etc before starting to workout. Plenty of youtube videos out there. Otherwise it may leads to back injury, disc injury etc

  4. What about the Penlay Row?
    What about bar dips?
    Also you forgot the front squat.
    I also am a fan of the Arnold Press.
    The standing military press in my view is better than the seated shoulder press.

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