1. Did a cardio warm-up (another video by bowflex) followed by this and I am sweating! These short workouts keep me motivated. Also, love how Tom keeps encouraging throughout the video. I have been doing a combination of your short workouts for the past 1.5 months along with calorie counting and I have shed 3.5 kgs

  2. Hello ,,, sir,,, i do, my dumbells workout exercises ,,& yes, I do roop jump of 100 & then dumbells of 5kg of 50 sets & then jumping jack of 50 @ a time & then once again rope skipping of 100,, & then workout with my dumbells of, 5kg for 1 minute,,, i perform (5 to 6 dumbells workout) how should I break my routine of workout & how should I begin with new exercise,, which is in this video,, please please please,, make a video on my question,, thanks,, god bless u

  3. I dont workout at all. I have such a low stamina capacity, that everytime i wake up, im out of breathe, im there gasping and weezing for air, even when i get up to sit down, im at a lost of breathe, and i have bad asthma and high cholesterol, 😞🥺im gonna die young….. I need encouragement for working out, my parents thinks its funny that i have so many health and mental issues at 17, they say at my age its not a big deal cuz im not their age… In all reality, its way worst for me than them, cuz i am supposed to have a long life ahead of me, but might be shortened for the lack of things i do to help my self, having issues at a young age is way way worst than having it at an old age 🙄more can happen, and it gets worst over the years 😒😒ahhhh😭

  4. Been told I shouldn't be having any heart problems at my age and I struggled to motivate myself to exercise cause I "never had enough time in the day". 🤣

  5. After first watching ur video of 4 minutes ab work out I really became ur fan. Your each workout video is designed amazingly. Every video of Bowflex is really inspirational to all to get started. Tq

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