1. Great beginner workout! I have no jump rope experience and this workout has helped me so much. Some helpful suggestions for the community:

    1. Get the 1lb Crossrope and Power Handles. The heavier rope makes it easier to go slow and helps with overall awareness for the rope/your jumps.

    2. Substitute regular jumps in place of alternate step jumps during the workout. Once I get a solid foundation of doing reg jumps then I’ll start incorporating alt step jumps in the workout.

    3. Keep doing it! Jumprope is a skill to be learned, it’s going to take time. Do this workout at your own pace 5-7 times per week.

    4. See the first suggestion. If you can swing the cost, the Crossrope is worth it. I would of given up by now if I tried to learn with a regular weight rope. The Crossrope was hands down the best piece of fitness equipment I’ve ever purchased.

  2. Watched 10 other beginner videos, this was by FAR the BEST one! Thank you from a newbie want to jump rope woman!!
    Loved the tutorial and I am excited to get started!!! YOU made it easy and sooo motivational!

  3. Cant thank you enough for this video. I was getting frustrated bc exactly like you said I was trying to improve too fast vs starting slow and building up.

    I just got my half lb rope in and immediately went from 2-3 skips with the Walmart rope to 10-20 skips with the half pounder. This is only my second week of jumping rope in my life so it's KILLING my ankles bc I'm so heavy but I'm making sure to stretch and keep good form.

  4. Thank you for making this jump rope video. This is the only beginning jump rope video on YouTube that is actually for beginners. I would like to know how to jump rope for obese people. Is their a certain way to jump? Should I start a challenge? I am just starting my jump rope journey. I am a stay at home mom and have 4 kids ages 6 months to 5 years old. I would love any helpful advice.

  5. I got to try this next time. Today was first day and I didn’t do so well. Living in Florida heat doesn’t help, but I’m not gonna use excuse. Love my new Infinity ropes though.

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