1. Awesome. I made it. Been doing a plank app for a couple of months prior though, so I'm used to the pain, but this was a different experience. Thanks Tone and Tighten.

  2. Damn that’s my first time doing planks I can definitely feel this is a good workout! I’ll be doing this more! Thank you for sharing. My favorite was the up down plank because it was so hard

  3. I did the plank workout as you showed and I feel great. But there's a problem, due to friction the skin on my both elbows has been damaged. Is there something I could do to avoid it in the future?

  4. My favourite planks are side planks because I'm resting abs 😂. Tell me am I doing something wrong because every time I do this workout it is a big challenge ever after doing it for almost a year I find it difficult to cope from minute 6 to 8? I am doing it every second day.

  5. Today I did for first time and after first part 30 sec. Plank i was out 😅 but I will keep trying…but sir how many times do we have to do plank work out in a day and when is the best to do plank sir plz let's us know la… love from Bhutan…😊

  6. OMG this is the best plank workout! You'll find out it's true when you're entire body lets you know about a day later – then – time to do it again! At 72, I'm lov'n the challenge. goal – 3 days a week.

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