1. Currently I do full body 5 days a week and each day I focus on 1 body part hard, IE monday is full body with chest focus. would you recommend doing this in place of that? My goal is to lose fat without losing the muscle I built, at 47 it might not come back lol. I really need help as I can't lose the fat around my waist, arms, legs are tone

  2. I’ve been following your channel for some time now and I find it very helpful. Thank you very much. I have a bit of dilemma about exercising because I have multiple slipped discs in my lumbar that is caused mainly by my weight and even though I already lost most of that weight, I am still afraid that doing a weight lifting exercise would aggravate pain. What lifting exercises would you recommend? Thank you very much.

  3. What would be your opinion of replacing the DB Deadlift with a DB Farmer's Walk?  I like the Farmer's Walk alot and think it should be included with the Big 4 compound exercises, I also think it's safer than the Deadlift.

  4. On the shoulder press, shouldn't you bring your elbows slightly in to prevent injury to shoulders? (This is a nice circuit that I am going to give a try the next time I change up my workout routine.  I do not hop from the routine to routine, but the next time I need a change this is going to number one on the list, thanks!)

  5. Superb video. One qs. From your demo both the DB squats and DB lifts seem to be identical. Can u pls explain me the difference while I'm Executing it? Don't know what I'm missing. Thx

  6. I'm not yet 40, but I found this very challenging. I don't have much equipment at home, but I used two 30 lbs dumbbells for all the exercises and here it is 2 days later and my legs are still feeling it hard. I did add bicep curls and dumbbell calf raises into the routine to try to add some more muscles into the circuit. This was the first time really pushing myself in a long time so imagine the next few times my muscles won't be hurting so long after the routine.

  7. Hey can you give a long term workout routine to follow for someone who is on intermediate level..can’t seem to find a decent routine..like in a video you mentioned hitting all muscles twice a day..is there a programme including that?😊

  8. These look good for even men over 40. The exercises look especially helpful for building up muscles AND losing a little fat from everywhere. A must try.

  9. Wow. Awesome video about strength training workout for weight loss. Your presentation is always nice. Thanks for your valuable guide about weight loss.

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