1. I tried this workout yesterday and it was very good, but tough when performing the following:

    OH Windmills (I did feel restricted when bending like there was too much money to squeeze out).
    Z Press. ( I had to reduce the Kettlebell weight from 16kg to 12kg).

    I varied the weight in some of the exercises. I used the 20kg, 16kg and 12kg Kettlebells.
    I will be performing this workout again in the week and to overcome the difficulties with the Windmills.
    By the way Obi, do you have any suggestions or advice to improve my technique with the Windmills during the warming up process and workout in general. By the way I struggled with 12kg when performing the OH Windmill. I guess I would have to use a 3kg? Trust me I don't have a Mega belly, but felt like I had one when performing the Windmill.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. I got super strong just using 20' pound dumbbells over the lockdown. I was putting them together in one hand for bench, shoulder press. Went into planet fitness, benched 75 pound dumbbells for 15 reps, a few sets. Lifted hard, 6am , then went back 10 am , still recovering 2 days off now. Really enjoy dumbbells, kettle ball looks fun too. the heaviest is 30 pounds there. You cant lift heavy all the time.

  3. Awesome bro! Thank you. I was doin' powerlifting stuff moved… had to sell the barbell setup.. Trying out kettlebells. Both would be ideal; but hey! Thanks again for teachin' a newb.

  4. Quick question if I may : I was taught not to drop my head on KB Swings but focus low but always ahead. You clearly drop your head down. Does it matter? Have I been taught incorrectly? This workout is fabulous – hard! But really good. Thank you. Keep them coming.

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