1. I have been looking for a cardio workout like this forever !!! Music and breaking sweat…PERFECT !! Thank you thank you for this GREAT workout !!!!

  2. How is this HIIT? I'm looking for good dance HIIT workouts because that's what I enjoy most but there are no moments where you are resting or even able to get your heart rate down. It's really frustrating that this is marketed as something that it's not.

  3. LOOOOVE love this workout. I love to dance to workout, but a lot of times it’s hard to find good videos that are DEFinitely a workout, but also not impossible for me to do it. This is one of those vids. Thank you so much for posting this!!

  4. This is the absolute best video! I am so thankful to have come across your studio and your YouTube channel. You all have kept me moving, kept me pushing, and kept me going. Really: thank you from the bottom of my heart and my squat: YOU ROCK!!!!

  5. Honestly I like when she does the choreography… like first part of shakira you enjoy without think about time but when star this burped make you think to stop haha

  6. This is One of the best dance work outs on YouTube. I miss my hip hop workout classes and Zumba classes I used to go like 5 days a week before the whole quarantine. And I’m so glad I found this bc it’s actually challenging as in getting your heart rate up making you work out and getting you out of breath. I LOVE IT ! other videos are either corny and lame or the dance moves are so complex and hard and don’t get your heart rate up or make you sweat bc they’re so long and drawn out trying to teach you the moves and gets boring and I lose focus. This video in particular and all their other videos and super fast pace keep your attention the moves are fun and easy to catch on while moving your Body fast enough to feel the burn lol

  7. i’ve been doing this workout for about a week with my mom and it’s amazing. it’s balanced and making your body work and it challenges your mind. we feel so full and proud after doing it and it feels really good in mind. all this workout is bomb i love it

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