1. How long did it take for you to do V sit( from first day when you started working out) after how many months you got it?

  2. Is not helpful just saying, 'first step, do it with one leg, second step, do it.' Please explain the technique in more detail

  3. Hi lavish! its simon from instagram i dunno if you remember me

    all my friends are dead push me to the edge all my friends are dead

    i dont even know you had a youtube channel! haha thats osom i been having so bad moments and i lost a lot of motivation the situation of my country is gettin really really hard now… but now im gettin back thanks for motivated me to get strong and keep moving foward i hope you and your channel got a lot of blessings im going to back on instagram soon… ill get same strong as you #staylavish #staypapi #grindwhiletheysleep #teamlaizas

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