1. Wao! This looks insanely good….I have lower back issues but this I'm gonna try starting today. I'm so glad I just found you…thank you .

  2. I have a question that within do all this routine no taking break time?I did 4 step then I feel so tired , I become very breathless😞

  3. I'm so glad I found this. I'm excited to start. I have neck and lower back issues. Doing ab exercises on the floor really aggravates those areas. I'll check back in with results.

  4. I think I should try and do this exercise will help me for my lower back pain..whenever I try to do floor exercise I can't to Even 1min each coz my lower back get very more painful

  5. I tried yesterday and i love it. I think i can add to my workout routine. Its more burning to my side back after a day got muscles pain. I'm happy i found this workout.

  6. I did this and was so sweaty, and I will keep you guys updated. ( I have a scale )
    Day 1: ✅ Weight : 164.2
    Day 2: ✅ Weight : 162.4 ( I’m guessing this may be water weight and not actual fat, so I’m gonna assume my weight from fat remains the same )

  7. Hii, I am 25 years old but I have a hyperhidrosis condition, my palam and sole sweats a lot and my internal body temp is also high. I got slip on floor even after wearing shoes and in my feet I get rashes due to internal heat after doing excercise plz recommend a routine for me. I also want toned body

  8. Saw this video while searching for some workouts do.. Must say will definitely be doing this and the 8 min arm toning again. First day today but let’s see how I get on with this ..

  9. Thanks for this! It's really intense. I am unable to do the regular abs exercise due to diastasis recti. I have a bulging baby pooch after almost 7 years of my delivery. I started yesterday and hope to begin to see results at least 4 weeks from now. I was only able to do 7 mins yesterday and 8mins 36 secs today.. I wokeup veey sore today and almost didn't want to continue today, but thankfully, I made some progress.

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