1. What i mean is when i do the 1 set of 8reps its my 80%…and when in second set i make it 10 it becomes 100% for me to push my body nd for the third set when i try to make it 12 it is more than 120% of effort that i make..so if i am following the 80prcnt formula then i m not able to increase the reps nd if i m increasing the reps then i hv to ignore the 80pprcnt formula…what should i do

  2. Sir i have question…i am very bad at doing push up and i m following your tips to improve my push ups but i m having trouble in following ur two tips together…1st tip- following 80% formula ,2- increase the reps in every successive set of push up…

  3. You become thin day by day, bro. Obviously your too handsome. Just i suggest need some more weight you look too athletic, hero.

    Your too handsme bro, iam ur well wisher

  4. Hi bro how are you.

    Bro i need your suggestion for selection of dumbells. Actually iam not going to gym , iam doing little workout at home to reduce my little tummy and chest which has female structure.

    Is any criteria behind the selection of dumbells. Any consequences further for using dumbels.

    Which type of dumbels are better.

    Plz bro i need your suggestion. Plz help me in this concerns.

  5. you have absolutely no information about fitness and training…I would request you to stop these fitness coaching videos and stick to fashion and lifestyle only which is pretty good tbh..

  6. what is this idiot saying? Dont make it parallel to your torso. Push from the front. Thats a natural movement . Its not good for the shoulders as you take it further back. And if you finally end up doing behind the neck presses- like many idiots, its gonna end up n long term injury. Watch Athlean X's video for real advise. Not this bro science fool who doesnt even look like he works out . This guy even does upright rows which is another worst exercise you can do to mess up your shoulders.

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