1. I have took some tests for the days I was on my period well I was forced to because my mom said that if you workout when you are on your period then when you are older like elders , then you are going to have problems like your health is not going to be that good anymore

  2. I love Chloe: when she says we are half way there ❤️ when she says only five workouts to be done❤️ and the giving yourself two thumbs up 👍🏾 😂

  3. I am doing lean arms challenge and I am in 8th day and I can't see any difference but when I first started the challenge my arms was 29 cm and now they are 27.5 i am going to keep update

  4. Hi can someone please help me?🥺

    I can’t tell if it is muscle or fat or something completely different

    I am very skinny (thanks to Chloe❤️) but on the left side of my body by back seem to stick out (but my rib cage) and I really hate it😭 but it isn’t of my right side. I would really appreciate if someone could help me or tell me how to get rid of it 🥺👉🏻👈🏻❤️

  5. chloe please make a sunburn friendly workout!!! i’m currently fried to my core (my family says I look like a lobster), but I want to keep working out 🙁

  6. Try this one insted of the arms and back from the Summer challenge. This one is hard core!! I feel it working so bad! Ill do it every day, I have trouble defining my back 😀

  7. One of her videos ,I was watching and doing the workout.. maybe less then 6 minutes in. I said hmmn I have a lot of energy,don't feel tired. And I feel no sweat anywhere. I touched my stomach and felt nothing but sweat. I touch my back and felt the sweat. I was more self motivated the fact that I had some sweat ,and I told myself to keep on going. I am trying to get rid of this mom bod and into a " oh my God is that Jeremy's fine ass mom?" Type of mom bod.

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