1. Thanks for sharing… this is exactly what I need to build more strength, as I am struggling with the rings. I can only do the rows at moment but will persevere.

  2. Awesome video and great progressions. Only one remark, that for being able to do a ring muscle-up there is a requirement to master a false-grip first (australian, dead hang, pullups and high pullups with a false-grip)


  3. I like watching women doing exercises that I can't do. NO, not for that reason. It's HUMBLING and INSPIRATIONAL. It motivates me at age 75 to keep pushing and working out. It's amazing how many muscles that weightlifting MISSES – especially those muscles used in supporting the body as on rings or parallel bars. I've been using a set of small parallel bars to improve my shoulder strength and just got in a set of rings. I should make some quantum leaps in shoulder strength with those two items. Thanks for the great video and advice.

  4. Thank you for the video, I recently started to work with rings and your explanations are very helpful. You remind me of Gina.

  5. Good work! Turn the inside of the wrists out on the top of a dip;it’s good for you! And explain the false grip and the transition on a muscle up! No pull up or dip work will help anyone do a muscle up smooth and slow without a false grip and the details of the transition! Cheers!

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