1. Is there any difference in the results from the Australians if I use a TRX strap? I will not be able to keep my hands apart when I go back down

  2. Hey what's up. I want to thank you for doing these types of workout. I was just wondering if you can make a DVD set for all your workouts that you have done and plan on doing in the near future. I know it's old school and everybody's is downloading now. But I would like to also have a DVD set of all your workouts. Thanks peace and love. Your fan mrjones169.

  3. You have the best work out videos! however I was a bit disappointed that the videos don't play along in the Heria Pro app as you progress through the workouts in the app, as it can be hard to remember all the different moves when you start a program

  4. Is there any way to do Australian Pull ups without a bar? I started doing regular pull ups on a door but I can't think of a way to do Australians and i am not strong enough to do many door pull ups

  5. Hey bro just a beginner here … But your videos are really helping me to build up my body… Thanks to you hope to see more of your video

  6. I was so lost until I found Chris Heria’s YouTube channel ! Chris your videos are so helpful I already see changes in my body and I have followed your videos for less then 3 weeks. Also Heria App is awesome !

  7. I’m 47, brand new to working out. 6’1” 175 pounds. 22.37% body fat. So my goal is to lose the fat around my belly and build muscle. If it takes a caloric deficit to lose weight, but a caloric surplus to build muscle, any advice on how to sort that out?

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