1. OMG, that was great! I'm not mobile so all my movements and workouts are done in a chair.. I almost broke my chair trying to keep up with all the poppin' and lockin', thank you. I will be back!

  2. Tried this one for the first time today—after doing your Beychella-inspired one a few days in a row—and loved it. First song was hilarious. 😂 Although it’s a shorter video, it definitely got my heart rate up! Thanks Ashley! 🧡

  3. Love your videos !!!I want to say I love how you make your videos so natural and how we can be ourselves while dancing. Thanks for everything you have done

  4. Hi Ashley, I just found your channel and you're amazing!!! When I stay at home I'm usually lazy, especially now during the quarantine (I'm from Italy, Rome exactly). I wanted to tell you that when I started watching your videos, I do every day workout without get bored!!!
    Your channel was a great find for me. Thank you sooo much😊

  5. Thank you so much for this! I follow you from Italy,being isolated because of COVID-19 is tough, but your workouts are helping me a lot. I'd like a video that lasted an hour like the one you posted long time ago.
    Thank you so much. 💜

  6. I want to thank you for being such a positive influence in my life for the last 3 weeks in quarantine mode. I have struggled with my mood daily and your videos have lifted me from dispair to gratitude and greatness each time. 100%, each day.
    I have tried countless videos over the years, but you keep me coming back daily.

    Thank you from the botton of my heart and I wish you and your loved one's health and safety 💖

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