1. Hey Cassey… I am doing this workout for last 12 days… But I actually.. My right saddlebags have more fat.. Than left… What should I do… Please reply… I am getting so tensed..

  2. Anyone know what is Femalix Secrets about? I hear a lot of people completely reduce their cellulite safely with this popular cellulite reducer method.

  3. Guys, is anyone able to do the first one without Rollin over? It's so hard and if I don't roll over I can't get my thigh to come forward enough to touch the ground..

  4. Bro how is she so cheerful throughout all of this like who asked you to be this ball of sunshine when i am out here literally with grim reaper by my side as i slowly die

  5. Hey! I will be doing this workout for a couple weeks. Not sure anyone will see this but I’m going to track my progress here 🙂
    Side note: I’m doing around 30-45 minutes of cardio at home to help get rid of overall fat. I’m also doing an ab workout as well. I’m also doing intermittent fasting.
    Upper thigh measurements: 23 inches
    Weight: 126 lbs
    Day 1: not bad definitely felt the burn tho
    Day 2: complete felt the burn again
    Day 3: complete. I’m also fixing my eating habits
    Day 4: my saddle bags are actually getting smaller omg
    Day 5: complete
    Day 6: didn’t do it I was honestly lazy lol
    Day 7: complete it feels easier now

  6. Anyone else doing this during the stupidass QUARANTINE?
    No , just me ! Ok
    Let's do it
    Day1 / 24_5 : Done ( twice )
    Day2 / 25_5 : Done
    Day3 / 26_5 :Done ( also walked for 3 hours n a half )
    Day4 / 27_5 : Done ( walked for 2 hours )
    Day5 / 28_5 : Done
    Day6 / 29_5 :
    Day7 / 30_5 :

  7. I have been doing since 1 week and I can already see the result I do 3 times in a week and do 2 sets of it and I am so happy once I used of it I will do 3 sets this is good time to do bcoz it's lockdown

  8. I'm on my day 3: they burn directly on outer thighss… I'm doing twice a day… Let's be hopeful
    I'm on my day like 8: its feel so grt after doing it … I can feel my glutes nd outer thighs working..
    My saddlebags have reduced …

  9. Cassay,plz come with a slim leg workout, include inner and outer thigh

    I just really need it, I have 3 months please please come with a whole leg workout 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  10. Day 1 of doing this workout
    So much fun 😁
    Anyone in May 2020 😅
    Btw can you show how to reduce butt fat
    Please 😊
    Day 2😃
    Day 3
    Day 4
    Day 5 today
    Day 6
    Day 7
    Day 8
    Day 9
    Yesterday I didn't do it and today I did it so it's day 10
    Yay day 11
    Day 12 and so on
    I'll continue to workout evryday
    bye have a nice life😊
    I'll update again later

  11. I have got a huge saddle bags and a very good amount of inner thigh fat followed by deep hip dips and an uneven booty covered with tons of stretch marks😣😑
    Just confused which part of my body should I work on🙆

  12. i started this 2 days back, so let's see how it goes.

    day 1: ✔ went pretty well
    day 2: ✔
    day 3: ✔ hurt a lot lol
    day 4: ❌ recovery day
    day 5: ✔ went a bit too hard, and now i can't move lol. had fun tho.
    day 6: ✔

  13. I need something for my large calves…..I. hate. Them. How can I make them slimmer and leaner not bulky. I hate wearing dresses; shorts etc. They're so big 😣 cannot wear most boots.. really makes me feel low.

  14. I've been doing it for 2 weeks and theres already a difference, they're way less defined and starting to like round out a bit no, so they're way less noticeable

  15. I love how positive and relatable you are. You have the perfect personality to motivate while not intimidating anyone. Found this and had to subscribe. Going to take before and after pictures and start this. Wish me luck. My saddle bags need this!

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