1. It is currently 1 am and I just completed this workout. All I can say is: my legs and shoulders are burning. Great workout though! Will definitely be doing this again!

  2. Ahhh, I'm going to try this this week. Just got a bag and I hope it goes good. I hurt my lower left side back at work about a year ago and am still trying to find a workout that doesn't hurt me that much. I've tried so many things, I can barely run and I can't even do yoga. I think I'll do what she's doing, just maybe a little milder to see how I feel. 🤞

  3. The instructor was good as was Aneta but the video portion could have been better. We could never see her feet and legs. As a "true" beginner, I have no idea what my feet should be doing. Because I believe technique is king, I will have to find something else.

  4. Really liked this video although it was difficult for me to remember all the combos! I am going to keep at it. But I do have a question..I am right handed so do I jab with my right or left? Thanks!

  5. I can't wait to try my first workout! Great video and very clear…. I would have loved to have been able to see her feet during explanation, but I loved the video.

  6. I have a quetion; My length is 180 cm ( 5ft 10 ) and I weigh about 88 KG, ( 194 pounds ) a beginner at the heavy bag; wich glove should I use; a heavy bag glove, wich is thinner, or a 14 OZ boxing glove, wich is thicker but more for sparring?

  7. I bought a heavy bag for home the other day. This was the first workout I ever did on it. I'm sure I was funny to watch, but man do I feel great. I'll be back for more

  8. Just discovered your channel and this heavy bag workout. I'm a black belt in TKD and have been looking for a new heavy bag workout for boxing at home; something to change up my drab routine. This was so easy to follow and gave me a fantastic workout. Will definitely be adding it to my home routine. Anetta, you're a motivational force! So hard for me to find boxing workout videos for women! Thank you for this!

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