1. Good breathing tip, thank you
    It was professional to mention tools before starting, even though it looks logical. One important tool you have missed is a big covering towel and extraclothes.
    For someone who is just starting to get swimming training it might be more logical for you to mention what does he need in his bag before going to the swimming pool. The first day for my kids' swimming lessons, the towel I brought was too small for the purpose.

  2. Hi, thanks for teaching so nicely. I have started swimming learning this year only. I have started kicking from thighs just a week before. But still forget to kick while using arms. As I am doing well as far as arms concern, as I am gliding well and breathing well. But still struggling with kicking part. Your inputs will be appreciated. Thanks.

  3. Nice instructional video except the very beginning when telling us we need the pool, googles, swimming suit and cup. It is almost like instruction on how to eat ham from the thin can, and telling that we need to open the can before we start eating.

  4. "….takes a lot of practice, so don't get discouraged."
    That, young lady is a word of wisdom… I'm learning to swim for 18 mos and the breathing part is most difficult.

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