1. girl i just found ur channel and im already hyped with what i see – cute, strong, beautiful , purposeful ! And im begging u dont u ever quit your journey to the planche! to see girl trying to reach planche … this is one of the beatifull things that u can ever see. Wish you all the best, i hope you will achieve planche !!! not many girls can do planche, mb only gymnastic girls. And to see you trying to get with such an effort … thats amazing!!! sorry i repeat my words , im just so happy for ya and i really want u to smash that stupid myth that girls are weak! at some point yes by the nature women are little bit weaker than men but it doesnt mean that girls only capable of cook, clean and stuff like that.

    with love from poor russian
    from poor russia

  2. Hey, great vlog. You should definitely increase the length to at least 10 minutes. YouTube tends to increase exposure on videos of that length. Regular upload intervals help as well. I think you have strong content and great potential in the community.

  3. Very impressive, i enjoyed this video! You obviously put a lot of effort into your training, and it shows. Keep up the good work!
    Being a stunner and having a gorgeous accent is also a bonus 😛

  4. Been traveling back in youtube time and getting tips on your planche progression! You guys are awesome! I saw you have the vivo shoes! how are they? I have some merells right now but the durability leaves something to be desired :(.

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